Wednesday, September 22

equality ≡ double entry accounting

Couldn't resist the temptation to comment on this article which furiously blames the EU for enforcing gender equality in advertising and insurance rates, among others. The BBC carries it here.

Like a lot of other "equality" and affirmative action legislation, I'm conflicted about this one. Yes, equality is a good thing and discrimination sucks. I have heard horror stories about female employees in the tech industry; true to form though, I've been oblivious to it. Well, sometimes the reverse happens too. Oh, you're a guy. You're automatically going to be a drunk, a punk, a skunk, noisy, <insert epithet of choice>. The problem is, I am not sure making anti discriminatory legislation on things like this will have the desired effect.

For one, it will just drive the discriminatory practices underground. No longer will driver insurance rates be high because you're a male, but for a raft of trivial BS that translate to the same thing. In the end, especially where insurance companies are concerned, the cynic in me thinks that female drivers will have their rates raised while male drivers will have their rates remain static. After all, the insurance companies need to make a buck, right ?

Under communism man oppresses man, but under capitalism it's just the opposite


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