Thursday, September 16


Feeling a bit more stressed out than normal, since I didn't hit my targetted word count for the day (yet). But not too busy to discover the wonderful dictionary of slang. Because if someone called you a baboon, you'd waste time wondering if they were making an endearing comment or not. Checking this dictionary online would be your first reaction... of course.

And people seem to be willing to do lots of things to get a job these days. Cold call, just spam prospective employers with CVs and what not. But write a virus?. If the reaction is to be believed, I think the antivirus companies don't have vacancies at the moment. I just spent a moment wondering how this innovative (not hardly) procedure would translate to other forms of employment... Like burglar alarm companies, or security firms.

And finally, a friend sent me the link to FHM covergirls. With the newly added entry for Alyssa Milano.


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