Thursday, September 9

camp swampy

I'm swamped with work. I've also hit on one of CVS' limitations, it's inability to rename files and retain history information. *sigh* Why don't people start moving to Subversion, dammit ? I run all my personal source off a couple of SVN servers and it works wonderfully. A good comparison is found here. Unfortunately, this is a shared source server, so I don't make the call.

In other news, I too have reason to say "curse you, television". I've been watching The Grid on BBC2 for the last couple of days and today is the final part. Trying to finish work for the day and make it back home in time to catch it. Looks doubtful.

And finally, since I'm not going to be finishing up this work anytime this week (or the next), I can predict stormy weather ahead. That makes these satellite photos (Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Frances) particularly appropriate.


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