Monday, September 6

reality meets Quake

An old classic, "you know you've been playing too much Quake when ... ". I can especially relate to that item about "going to bed, closing my eyes and still seeing the crosshair". However, there are some that I would never do; like pull out a rocket launcher during an argument.

Everyone knows that I'm strictly a grenade launcher person. Rocket launcher ? ha. Amateurs. Aah, the nostalgic memories of going on a mad pineapple popping rampage and hearing my unfortunate victims scream from the neighbouring lab. Good times, good times.

And some other news, I finally managed to play Doom 3, on a highend card, no less. It's nice; excellent graphics and sound, but it's only scary and immersive the first time. It got a bit boring later on, but that's just my jaded sense of FPS games kicking in, I am sure. A slightly more obscure link here with John Carmack discussing Doom3 rendering; and also id Software will do something entirely different next time around. Or so they say. Does something different mean Hexen 3 ? Maybe.


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