Friday, September 3

gmail invites and deadlines

I didn't want to do this on the blog originally, but what the heck. I just got more Gmail invites and I decided I'd see if anyone reading wants them. I have 4 to give away, leave a comment or email me: (< first name > in Google's email service). Most reading Slashdot seem to have gotten their GMail already, I haven't had a nibble from anyone.

Crunch deadlines suck. Even when it's for a good reason and it's no one's fault (not even my own). I somehow seem to work better when there is furious cursing (either at some random authority figure or myself) involved.

Since I desperately need some humour in my life, I thought Olympics double entrendres might do.

update: All the invites are gone now. Please stop mailing me :)


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