Tuesday, August 31

guilty secrets

I'm one of the unfortunates in the department who doesn't seem to have a pair of headphones handy. Instead, I inherited a pair of speakers from the guy who was sitting next to me, and I gleefully use those. At low volume of course. I don't want to inflict anyone else with my choice of music. Right at this moment that means ... Matchbox 20 (or Matchbox Twenty, whatever they're calling themselves this week) and a few others shuffling around.

Then I stumbled across this link, music that you hide away in your closet. And that makes me wonder. Most people seem to be affected by peer pressure in their choice of music. In certain quarters, it's Creed, in others it's Backstreet Boys, in yet others it's Britney "Oops I got married by mistake" Spears. Some people I know are actively ashamed of their affinity for 80s music (I'll come clean and say I probably have issues in that area myself, but only, yes only because it associates me with my elder siblings).

Guilty secrets. Cringeworthy musical tastes. Why does anyone care ? Sometimes railing against a stereotype is in itself a stereotype of sorts. There are lots of people out there who want to be unique snowflakes. This just makes for a subculture of "people who want to be different", much like the place of Yakuza in Japanese society. Yeah. I just called everyone who wants to be unique and different a Japanese gangster. Because the alternative is that we all shop at the local mall, eat at the Golden Arches and dive headfirst into popular culture.


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