Friday, August 27

gmail2rss 0.3

After a long long break filled with lots of things which were interesting (or annoying) to me but mostly boring to you, I've finally gotten around to fixing what will be named gmail2rss, hereafter.

What is it ? A PHP script which generates a RSS feed of your Gmail inbox.
I've discussed the possibility of doing something like this earlier and I actually got around to releasing a couple of versions, but the thesis got in the way of further work.

Why ? Because while there are other tools such as GTray and even Google's own GMail notifier, they all have one problem for me. I don't like too many apps occupying systray real estate. I already have a RSS reader, so it makes more sense to get GMail notifications on that.

What's new ? In a word: nothing. 0.2 was broken, produced badly formed RDF and had other problems because I used some horrendous regex hacks to scrape the Gmail page. 0.3 just fixes all of those, at the expense of introducing another dependency, libgmail (nice work and thanks again, YingHung). I've tested 0.3 output on both Sage and FeedReader and it seems to work ok.

Well, whatcha waiting for, download it here and have at it.

The current plan is to get some more features in within the next week or so, since I'm reasonably free, and release 0.4. I have a plan for encrypting the password, but it does require mcrypt, so I'm debating the idea. If you have any thing you want incorporated, just drop me an email.

Update: fixed the download link. Murphy strikes again. Thanks Jeffrey.


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