Thursday, August 19

it's a hard life

British university students are a beleaguered species. Not only is the ruling party threatening to make them actually *gasp* pay for their university education, but a pint of beer apparently costs 60% more this year. Awww. I pay the full bleeping rate, so colour me unsympathetic. Buy your bloody beer from the supermarket in bulk and quit yer whining, fer chrissake.

Not to stop at that, it turns out some granma in Suffolk had a million(s) to one chance occurence happen to her. No, she didn't win the lottery. Nothing quite so simple. She got hit by a falling meteorite. Even better (imagine the teaparty chatter around Suffolk), she lived to tell the tale. Wait a minute, aren't meteorites supposed to be these large, armageddon causing objects intent on ending life on planet earth as we know it ? What the heck is Bruce Willis going to do now ? Act on Die Hard 4 ? Eh ?


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