Tuesday, August 17


The final copy of a paper is due in tonight and you have everything written and all the important looking charts captured. Then LaTex decides that it doesn't want to do two charts in the same page and shoves the second at the end of the paper.

What do you do ? curse loudly. Scream even louder. I did both. A few heads popped into the cube and people inquired if things were ok (people I know fairly well also added a few cheap shotscomments on my state of mental health; which I ignored).

There is a snooty saying which goes "my word processing software was written by Stanford Professor Donald E. Knuth. Who wrote yours?" Well, Prof, I respect you and shit, but at times like this, a bit of GUI drag and drop would come in mighty handy. As some sage person remarked, things have gone a bit tits up around here. I umm.. need support. I need ... LaTex support even.


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