Tuesday, August 10


You know, Scotland is a nice place. A recent set of visitors were heard to remark that "there is nothing in that &?#!ing country except castles, lakes and lots of twisty roads", but obviously, they lost the plot somewhere. They haven't looked hard enough at the many cultural and culinary delights of that wonderful country.

In short, they hadn't heard of the Stonner. Described as a "deep fried pork sausage wrapped in kebab meat" by the scribes and marketing people, as "the most dangerous fast food in the UK" by the detractors, the health nazis and the puritans; (Speaking for myself, I'm too busy wiping away drool to call it anything...), it's apparently the latest deep fried sensation to hit fryers in Glasgow. Perhaps I'm being redundant here, but people on a strict diet need not apply. It's supposed to contain 46 grams of fat and twice the calories of the much maligned Big Mac. Aah, and my fondest recollection of doner kebabs is at a dingy Turkish joint a few years back, scoopfuls of yoghurt and onion rings and green chillie added on.. This sounds like it might just give the original Turkish kebab a run for it's money. By the way, "stonner" in Glasgow slang isn't exactly a polite word to use in mixed company.

They've already given us deep fried Mars bars, Scotch whisky and now stonners. What the hell am I doing stuck in York ? Of course, Scotland apparently has the highest rate of heart disease in Europe and is also known as the heart attack capital of the UK. Don't try this at home, kids.

In other news, I've been watching an interesting serial on Channel 4 named Without a Trace. Now, this is slightly reminescent (to me, at least) of the same sort of drama as NYPD Blue or even a bit like the Sopranos, perhaps. I liked both of those from the first that I saw them and I get the same sort of vibe about this series. I've followed all of Season 1 so far, thanks to the offseason double billing and Season 2 just started screening in the UK. (I swear Poppy Montgomery has very little to do with my fandom, honest). Basically, it deals with the activities of a unit in the FBI tasked with finding missing persons (is it real or fictional ? Not sure; I do know that the FBI has a phenomenal record with kidnappings and the like, so maybe it is grounded in fact).

Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out of it alive


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