Sunday, August 8

Warcraft III, the board game

A friend sent me a link for the Warcraft III board game today, with the comment "*sobbing face* I want it". Never was much of a board game person myself. Yes, I play Monopoly. And Scrabble. But no, I don't obsess over it. And for some weird reason, every board game with an element of chance involved seems to remind me of Monopoly.

I suck at Monopoly. Actually, I'm not much better at War3, but at least my (numerous) shortcomings can be masked by other team members. Not so in Monopoly. If the scenario is "throw any number but a 5 to escape from the clutches of a greedy grasping hotel + 4 houses setup", I will throw ... you guessed it ... a five. If any opponent has only one number to throw to escape from my greedy grasping clutches, s/he will inevitably throw it. Now I realize that a certain amount of financial acumen and canniness in selecting properties is part and parcel of Monopoly. Big hairy deal. It all falls apart if the dice keep turning up the wrong (or in my opponent's case, the right) numbers. That's where I am.

So once I had that brief flashback to my inadequacy as a Monopoly player, I wasn't exactly enthused about this boardgame concept, even when applied to Warcraft. But then again, I'm curious ... think of the possibilities.

Orc raiders destroy your expansion. Move back three places.
Your dryad has won first prize in a beauty contest. Collect 100 gold and 100 lumber from each player.
Pandaren Brewmaster caught out on a charge of drunk and disorderly. Pay fine of 50 gold.
You get an extra Scroll of Town Portal. Move to home.
Archmage gets teleport ultimate. Move forward 10 places.

and of course, the card you never want to see...

Your Undead Graveyard has been assessed for repair. Please pay 20 gold, 50 lumber per tombstone.


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