Sunday, August 1

all too short and fleeting

There are many people out there who seriously need anger management therapy. This is the story of one of them. Deprived of conjugal satisfaction, one migrant worker in Thailand decided to carve himself up in the nether regions. To no ones' (at least, not mine) surprise, alcohol was a factor. Since other wittier souls have already commented on this story in the link above, let me just provide you with a point form summary and some observations.
  • He is named Dong, NoPo Dong
  • He is a migrant worker in Thailand, the capital of which is Bangkok
  • After said self-inflicted slicing and dicing, he collapsed and as quoted by the chief of police, is said to be in "stable, but serious condition"
  • The chief of police also had the following gems to offer:
    "His penis can't be reconnected because it's in small pieces" - Thank you, Captain Obvious. Using a scissor on your body parts tends to have that effect.
    "We questioned the wife and ... she said he shouldn't have made such a big issue out of it" - Let's give Captain Sensitivity an award. big issue ?. Those are cruel, cruel words.

In other, somewhat less cutting-edge news, it seems that First Mover Advantage is indeed a myth. Witness the ancient South American civilization which produced the oldest discovered brewery. Anyone in the market for Wari beer? I thought not. South America, if you recall, also introduced the world to the delights of chocolate. So when did the Swiss come into the picture ?


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