Wednesday, July 28

the bond is broken

Pierce Brosnan isn't going to be playing James Bond anymore. Unconfirmed reports blame the mysterious growth on his upper lip as a cause. (See AP Wire photo in the article). We will now take some calls.

Caller 1: Bring back Sean Connery!
No, he's too old, regretfully. He was kickass though. Probably tied for best Bond actor ever, with ...

Caller 2: Bring back Roger Moore!
Yeah, him.

Caller 3: Bring back George Lazenby!
Who ?

Caller 4: Bring on Hugh Grant!
Yes, it seems that the guy who blew his chances with Liz Hurley is one of the contenders for the next Bond movie. Fortunately for him, I don't get to pick 'em. Hey, I have an idea, what about Rowan Atkinson ? It's not like he doesn't have prior experience. No, really.

Update: It appears that Orlando Bloom will play a young James Bond in a new movie while Hugh Jackson is the odds on favourite as Brosnan's replacement. Hmph. *in snooty movie critic voice* We are not amused, nor impressed.
He who laughs last didn't get the joke


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