Monday, July 26

priorities in the legislature

From Ananova, I see news of a Croatian legislator who just wanted to get away from it all and used his laptop during a debate.

By used, I mean watching a movie. By movie, I mean porn. The subject of the debate ? Glad you asked. It was on road safety. Because porn is the first thing everyone thinks about when you're discussing road safety, of course. No wonder. Think of all the suggestive terminology in the simple business of driving, accidents and road safety. Like someone "rear-ending" you. *leaves rest to the reader's fertile imagination*.

Well, at least he was living upto the whole "make love and not war" hippie ideal and not punching up his fellow legislators like some Parliament members.

Blackadder: Baldrick, have you no idea what irony is?
Baldrick: Yes, it's like goldy and bronzy only it's made out of iron.


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