Wednesday, July 21

random snippets

First up, I stumbled across the odd Greeklish language from Microsoft Research named COmega. It's yet another language built on top of the .NET CLR and it is described as "strongly typed XML". *shudder*
*contemplates summoning an exorcist*

In other slightly (but only slightly) less disturbing news, it seems that some Swedes will do anything for a good buzz. Witness their adding soap to carbonated beverages. Mothers everywhere in Sweden have since been advised against using the phrase "Go wash your mouth out with soap" to their offspring.

More additives this time, but on a sweeter note, Helmut Fritsche is leading a one man battle to be permitted to add sugar syrup to beer. It apparently violates the purity standards for German beer, laid down in 1516. I didn't see what the fuss was all about, especially since I knew about Belgian beers, which allow (and encourage) additions such as fruits (cherries and raspberries) or even honey.

Belgian beer - it's not just for breakfast anymore, but still tastes good with cornflakes


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