Monday, July 19

insomnia and palms

Having gone to bed before midnight, I correspondingly woke up at the obscene hour of 0430 this morning. This is less horrendous than it sounds, because 0430 in these parts means plenty of daylight and more irritatingly, chirping birds.

As is my usual practice, fumble around for the Palm to read or play something. Play the oddly named "MS Pairs" (the most obvious knee jerk conclusion about the maker of that game is wrong, by the way). As is also usual, that silly game froze up the PDA. Then comes the fun. The means of rebooting a Palm, as it were, is to depress a tiny switch hidden at the back. Not too much trouble under ordinary circumstances, but we're talking sleep deprived, with uncertain lighting conditions and with my famed lack of dexterity thrown in for good measure. The outcome should have been entirely predictable.

I pricked my own bloody finger (yes, pun intended). More than once. Before I realized that all was not right in the bloody state of denmark.

Some days, it seems like you're out of your depth before you even get out of bed.


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