Sunday, July 11

More Gmail... and geeking out

It seems like unofficial GMail APIs are popping up like mushrooms. Mail::Webmail::Gmail is a Perl version of the API by Allen Holman and I also found libgmail for the Pythonistas.

As far as my effort goes, the next job is to poke through the PHP source and fix the RDF output to be wellformed.. and slightly cleaner. I'm reading Practical RDF to figure out some RSS tricks. Pity that I can't use one of the numerous RSS generator libraries for PHP, but it would just introduce another dependency. Also need to think about caching the mbox statistics locally so that new mail alerts work via my feedreader (right now, I need to manually check for changed entries each time, which is ugly and not very usable). Since I've joined the cavemen on dialup, (*grin* not going to stop moaning about the slow speeds in a hurry) the RSS feed option suddenly seems a whole lot more attractive. Keep the PHP script on the remote (multimegabit) server and check using the feedreader on the laptop.

Aah, laptop on my lap, the TV buzzing inanely in the background (briefly distracted by Jennifer Lopez in Angel Eyes, playing on network TV). All I need are a few (dozen) Dew cans nearby and it will be just like the old days.


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