Thursday, July 1

scarred and chastised ..

I've just spent an hour or so reading through the life and times of Tony Shih. Mostly with morbid fascination.. Have you ever wished you were someone else ? or in someone else's shoes ? I've got no such wishes after reading those entries. In short, I just wanted to grab my running shoes and scamper away. But like the ghoulish souls who gape at fatal accidents, I kept thinking "just one more entry, come on.. you can do it".. (shades of IT) and ended up reading all the entries.
*hangs head in shame at his own gluttony for punishment*.
Well hey, at least I know to whom I can send part of my therapy bills.. Sure as hell, I'm gonna need some therapy after reading all of that...
*covers his eyes and screams make it stop..dear god, make it stop*

In other more sobering news, my inbox contained a severe warning about the "extremely high number of requests for a file contained within your webspace". Whoops, I wonder if this entry had anything to do with that..No, it couldn't possibly. Could it ? *looks innocent*. Nah, of course not. It was all those people who were idly flipping through my site, I am sure. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I was vaguely insulted by my sister's solicitude when she called the other day. I'm going to London for a few weeks to write up and generally muck around there, while they're headed back home for a holiday. *grumbles about lucky sods*. it goes something like ..
< sis >: so don't worry.. we have the laptop here and I'm getting you an internet connection, but it might take a while to be installed.
< moi >: oh, that's fine. No problems. I'll just mosey around writing stuff up.
< sis >: no, no..on second thoughts, I'll call them and make sure it's ready when you get here. I know you can't survive more than a day without a connection..
** pause **
*whoa, whoa.. back up that big oil truck over there...*
< moi >: *in tones of sheer disbelief* say what ?!
< sis >: well, it's true!

and maybe it is, at that..

I'll be test driving Quantian there, and probably catching up with a lot of folk too..Also giving some of my other projects (like this one) a bit of time.


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