Friday, June 25

back to the grind ...

Meh. The cool thing about summer in these parts is that you get nearly 18 hours of daylight. The bad thing about summer is that you get nearly 18 hours of daylight. *grin* You get the idea.

After watching Portugal vs England last night (have some choice quotes from my landlord on that topic), I went to bed around midnight, grabbed my Palm and flicked the button to finish my current bedtime reading. Dark screen. Flick the button again. Still dark. Doh. Forgot to charge the silly thing. Rather than plug it in then and there, I tried to go to sleep at a very uncustomary hour of midnight.

Net result, I wake up at 0530 this morning with bright sunlight streaming through the gap in the curtains straight into my face. Blech. Can't sleep. No Palm to read anything. Get up, curse, mumble and come to the department. I was in by the ghastly hour of 0630. Considering my usual aversion to getting up early (I have almost always shown up to work places around 10, except when there isn't any other choice), that's a shocker.

My landlord hates football. supposedly.
Two days ago, he starts with "I need to visit a doctor soon"..
< thimal > "but why? everything all right?".
< landlord > "Oh, yeah, everything's fine. Except I started watching football on the telly. Never done that before in me life.".
< thimal > "o_0 really ?" *looks disbelieving* He's a Brit, after all.
< landlord > "Yeh. real shocker that. I didn't even watch the GrandPrix taping because of the football" A motorbike fanatic, this man. Adores his motorbikes (of which he has 5, including an awesome Harley)

This morning ...
< landlord > Thank god we lost. Now people will stop talking about the football!


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