Thursday, June 24

Trillian fixed... for now

Announcement is here. The arms race continues. Bring it on, Yahoo! *scowl*

Incidentally, if anyone hasn't done this before, I encourage you to try The Fish to translate some stuff. I can sort of guess at what some of the French comments and variable names mean, but the translation is truly mindboggling (and hilarious). The hardest part about reading code written in another (human) language is that it's quite difficult to remember contexts. If the word is incomprehensible to you, it might well be named variable a, b and c (and we all know what a good idea that is, right ? )

In other news, the COOLEST GMail trick evar! Try this out. Append anything you like with a + to your email address.
ie: < my email > +, < my email > +

GMail will still deliver to YOUR address. I tested it out with a few combos and damn, it works. Why do I need this? Well, now, I can submit one address to one place, another address to another and when I get spam, I know WHICH address got swiped. GMail *wipes away tears of gratitude*, you rawk :)

brought to you by thimal+issleepy@ gmail ;) Go on, try it. You know you want to..


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