Thursday, June 24

lousy morning ..

Woke up to the news that a friend who had been struggling at a really lousy job for a while decided enough was enough and quit. I feel her pain, having been through a particularly traumatic period in a previous job myself.

Then, Salem (landlord's cat) tripped me up on the stairs not once, but TWICE this morning..impertinent git. (I like him usually but this is not a good time to play idiot feline)

Obviously, a bit of sunshine was too much to ask for so I got the usual dull slate grey skies and light drizzle when I dragged myself out of the house.. Then I come into work, fireup my IM toy, wonder why I don't get the usual bunch of offline messages, then read this (thanks for the heads up, TQ).

Yeah, someone pissed in my Wheaties this morning for sure. Fsck it, I am off to kill some bots.


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