Wednesday, June 23

the nudity trifecta... and the minster

Hmm.. the trifecta of nudity links, somewhat related issues, but quite different in content.

The Russian footballers shouldn't mind being eliminated from the Euro2004 competition. This might be one reason why. (Erm, don't click on that link if you're at work). Then again, nudity doesn't guarantee attendance, as some found out.. I think Oxford Street could have done with a few Russian wives, but hey, what do I know? Oh, by the way, did you know that nudity can get you robbed?.

Incidentally, the Minster visit, although cut short because of lousy weather, was quite good. I had been before, so I just enough time to look at my favourite places.. the stained glass windows and the inscriptions on the memorial stones. One particular inscription stuck in my mind the last time I visited ... dating from the 17th century

" ... and all of humanity shed a tear at her passing
not because of her passing into the arms of god,
but for the misfortune of the family that must survive her"

don't ask me why, but that struck me as one of the most moving phrases in any inscription I've seen..


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