Wednesday, June 23

GMail, RSS Feeds and other sundries

Hmm, Tariq told me about the GMail toy too (the man does get around, does he not, loki? *grin*). I had seen it myself a while back, but I didn't keep it because I didn't want (yet another) mail app competing for systray real estate. What I wanted instead was a way to let my existing IM toy give me GMail notifications as well.

Now, how does one go about doing that, we wondered ? Well, the cheap way to do that is by using the GMail popper and the Trillian POP3 plugin to send you mail notifications. Yeah, fine. But now you're running the GMail popper and that's a separate application. Bleargh. Then, how about RSS for new GMail notifications?. Great idea, but it doesn't seem like it can be added on easily either.

Oh, well. Need more experimentation with the JavaScript interface to see if I can find something. This utility gave me some ideas about how to start, at any rate. Anyone has any weird/wonderful/whacky ideas about how this can be done, well ... ahem, lemme know.

Going to saunter around the Minster with Antonio and a few friends this afternoon. Whee.


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