Friday, June 25

computer science, weddings and banshees

Somewhat old, but still worth reading : Rampaging Computer Science.

Got a wedding to attend tomorrow. Guy who's flat I shared for a couple of days when I moved here is getting married. And now I remember that there are 4 (yeah, four) weddings in SL from various folks in our batch in the next three months. I won't be back in time to attend all of them, sadly.. but at least the two in September should be ok (I hope! I joined the Procrastinators Anonymous community on Orkut for a reason, ye know)

And finally, belated mad mad props to the Screaming Banshees (whoops, has their site fallen over?) for their record deal. Hmm, this particular pic is so umm ... awe inspiring (and as Ed notes, scary), I just had to link to it. Be afraid.. be very afraid.


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