Sunday, June 27

hairy tales

I'm growing my hair as an experiment (to be honest, I always do this when I leave the tropics, but kid myself that it's an experiment each time). Unfortunately, it is at an irritating length, falling into my eyes and generally getting in the way.

That's why I am trying to make a decision to either get the locks sheared off or endure it for a while longer. Hilarious experiences from last time dictate that I get a haircut before I go home. Why do I say this ? A couple of years back, I was away for an year or so and grew my hair. When I came back home, my parents were at the airport lounge and I kid you not, they did not recognize me. I had to stand in front of their faces and wave like a hyperactive semaphore man before they realized that I looked vaguely familiar. Obviously they thought I was some drifting long haired hippie in search of his own personal "tropical beach paradise" ala Leonard Di Caprio. But then again, my 10 newly added kilos of body weight might just have had something to do with the averted eyes and avid-study-of-the-arrival-gate routine, now that I think about it. Till then, it had been an article of faith that it is impossible to get me out of skeletal proportions. No one (least of all my parents) expected a ... heftier, long haired moi.

The reactions of everyone who saw me got old mighty fast too. People were either having kittens or staring at me slack jawed and bug eyed, depending on gender. I can remember the furtive looks people would throw at me out of the corner of their eye when they saw me ("who the fsck is this guy and what's he done with thimal? that skinny chap? remember im? who's this bloke?"). I can make do without the stares this time around, thank you very much.

But ah weight gain this time, thankfully. I am my usual skinny self. The daily two mile walk/jog/sprint takes care of any excess calories mighty damn quick. So, maybe I will keep my hair intact, at least till I step off the plane into 90% humidity and start melting, anyway.

looks pityingly at all those who bother with hair longer than a crew cut in searing temperatures.


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