Tuesday, June 29

ice cream... and other culinary delights

Imagine ice cream that tastes salty ? It's called Deep Sea Water (sounds like some exotic perfume, if you ask me) if this article is to be believed. Other exotic flavours include stout ice cream (not too bad), garlic ice cream (hmm, tolerable, I suppose), spinach ice cream (weird, but I suppose it's ok), chicken ice cream (umm, ok) and the classic.. the ice cream known as Basashi Aisu (think sashimi and then think horses, all in a convenient, easy to eat ice cream form). No more comments from me for a bit, I'm too busy retching at that mental image.

That reminds me of the time (a few years back) I got an introduction to blutwurst. Being this naturally suspicious chap, especially where exotic food is concerned, I asked a few people around me what it was made of.. I should have been tipped off when they just gave me a short "oh, it's wurst. A type of sausage" instead of launching into excruciating detail. After finishing the meal, another guy I knew came into the dining area and looked rather surprised.

"You had blutwurst ? That's brave of you..".
Stuttered I : "Umm.. what is it, exactly ?".
Sez he: "Oh, it's ok. just a normal sausage".
Insisted I: "No, no. why am I brave?".
Sez he: "Oh, it's partly made out of boiled blood. Most people don't like that idea" ...
Thinks I, just before making a strategic retreat from the dining room: "Well, no shit Sherlock. Who'd have thunk it?"


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