Saturday, July 3

on the city walls...

Had to take a walk in the city today, to get tickets. Hating the teeming masses that invade York on Saturdays, I took the longer scenic route across the city walls.

Observation No. 1: The Roman legionaries who patrolled the city walls in ancient times must have had their cojones frozen off by the high winds. It's supposedly summer and I felt like I was freezing.
Observation No. 2: The benny to compensate for the climb and the freezing temperatures is a birds eye view of the city interior. In my case specifically, a bevy of Playgirl bunnies (I'm not making this up, honest!) wearing furry white rabbit ears and white rabbit bobbly tails, walking around the city.

Playgirl bunnies walking around York on a Saturday. Oh, the humanity


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