Saturday, July 3

memo to self: avoid standing too close to bike races

Can't remember where I saw this link, but the article here has some little known facts about Le Tour de France, which starts tomorrow. (Official site, which promises a photoblog, is here)

The reason for the memo is found in the last page, where this vitally important question is answered:
Okay, how do the riders pee? Jacky Durand answers thusly.

"There's usually a big group of guys that stop as we roll out of town before the official start begins. But typically I've got to go again an hour or two into the stage, and that's when it gets tough. I mean first you look for a quiet moment in the racing, but sometimes that's not so easy to find in the middle of a stage. So then you start going as you ride. But that's not so easy either because you've got to make sure you don't hit any spectators. And finding an empty stretch of road in the Tour de France isn't always easy. I mean sometimes you start going when there is an empty patch of road, but by the time you finish you're passing a group of bystanders. And then you've got to watch out for the race judges. They're always threatening to slap you with a fine for whipping it out in public. "No, no--appeasing Mother Nature's little needs is not always so easy. Fortunately though, in all my years as a pro, I've avoided one thing-going in my shorts"

And you thought all those drips were water, didn't you ?


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