Saturday, July 10


Well, finally the little people (no offense to those vertically challenged; I'm not exactly Shaquille O'Neal myself) have departed on their holiday. Much as I dearly love them, I have acquired this distressing "old fogey" like habit of wincing when they let out a particularly ear piercing yell.. this obviously means that they tried very very many of those throat shredding shrieks around me on an hourly basis. They're related to me, after all. Would I pass up a chance like that? Don't think so. What ? What's that you say ? Can't hear you with this ringing in my ears. Yaargh.

On topic(if this blog ever has one, you can surprise me with it). It's quite strange how things work out. For long years (in a burst of nostalgia, I went and read my first entry, dated Nov 2001. Yikes), I maintained a very discreet presence at a blogging site. A fair number of people read it, but they had no idea about who I was, since I kept all those details secret. This whole blogging-with-my-real-name concept was (sorta) inspired by my entry into Orkut. After all, I do have my real name there (at the moment). If there is a link from there to here, I reasoned, why hide under a pseudonym? As it turns out, it has it's pros and cons.

One great thing about it is a lot of people I know in meatspace (love that term *grin*) also have blogs and a presence online. I give out my real name, and people tend to recognize me online (umm, duh). Worse, people I chat with seem to know as much as I do about my life, courtesy ze blog. The downside is a certain exploit published here gaining rather a widespread notoriety. A bit too much so. In hindsight, I really should have published that elsewhere, as was my usual practice. Ah, well.

Had a bit too much time to read stuff this week (no net connection, dammit).. so I've started on the Orkut SciFi/Fantasy community book, written by this guy. As an aside, does anyone else get an insane urge to chuckle at that poor man's name? Oh. It's only me is it? Umm.all right then. *looks embarassed*

Speaking of names, Orkut means something ummm.. interesting in Finnish, if I recall correctly. Wonder what my name means in various languages. I wish for some exotic curse word..

wanders off for a vanity Google hunt of his name


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