Tuesday, July 13

random snippets...

First up, The Always Amusing Euphemism Generator. Don't bother hunting around for trite phrases like "spanking the monkey", just let the generator do the ummm ..*cough* donkey work. Yes, it's apparently a Perl script, that's how I noticed. Yes, it gets lame after a few tries. But what the heck...By the way, it only seems to work with IE. Just displays source on Firefox.

From this article, it seems that a fanatic beer brewer has a new "sooper sikrit" addition to the traditional hops/malt/barley ingredients. Smoked cicadas.
"I hope that the cicadas will lend a slight smoke and or nut character to the beer, but time will tell," .
Coincidentally, he used the word "nut". Surprisingly enough, that very word crossed my mind halfway through reading the article too.

If the local folklore is to be believed, the Sri Lankan moonshine already offers pickled animals (not just dodgy Arthropods either) in the brew, free of charge, as a "hidden feature". Sure as hell, the producers of such organically flavoured brews don't bother making a song and dance about it, right? Goes to show.. it's all in the marketing, yo. Any takers ? Riva, I'm looking at you. *grin*


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