Thursday, July 15

strongly spiced munchies

Back after a midnight (well, early morning) snack. I note with some relief that my tolerance to chillie is slowly building back up again.

The usual pattern is:
eat shocking amounts of chillie at home, guaranteed to induce ulcers and general distress in ordinary mortals
relocate somewhere else on the planet for a few months to an year
lose the chillie tolerance completely (ie: become a lily livered wimp)
come back home and for the first two weeks complain about the food being too hot, dive for ice water during meals and generally be mocked, ridiculed and accused of being a whiner, baby etc *ahem* person with low tolerance for chillie by friends and family.

Well, not this time. Browsing through the supermarket, I found an exotic series of hot sauces and have been adding those to meals in steadily increasing quantities. With any luck, I can go back home in the expectation that I won't turn an unbecoming shade of red and bolt from the table at the first fricking mouthful. I can only hope.

For any who consider themselves the Big Chillie Eatin' Kahuna, I suggest you peruse the list of hot sauces here. Since I want to preserve my digestive system for a few more years, I won't join in a pissing contest for the throne, but feel free to tell me if you've tried any of the products on the list. A nice introduction to the Scoville unit is also available. I actually want to meet a real live human being (no, people in ICU or with a stomach transplant are ineligible) who has tried some of the hotter sauces in that list and survived the experience.

For the hyperlink challenged: Tabasco weighs in with 2140 scoville units and isn't on the scale. The most potent of those sauces is measured at 10.3 to 16 million scoville units. Crikey! Drop a bottle full of Blair's 6 am into the sea and we'll all be eating chillie tuna. and chillie prawn. and chillie cuttlefish
< voice name="Homer Simpson" >Mmmmm... cuttlefish< /voice> *drools*


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