Saturday, July 24

The mystery of the shrinking chest

From Weekly World News, I see mention of the aptly named Boobonic plague, a dread disease which allegedly "reduces cleavage from an eyepopping DD to a meagre size A". According to the article, some 12,000 in France and upto 500 in the US have been affected by this disease, also known as Merot's syndrome. Pamela Anderson and the recently mentioned Kirsten Dunst are unavailable for comment.

You know, people have come to expect this sort of article from me, so who am I to disappoint them ?
PS: It's either satire or trashy tabloid journalism, dammit. Don't panic. And yes, that is aimed at both males and females, for vastly different reasons *grin*. Take the story with pinches (or handfuls) of salt as necessary.


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