Tuesday, July 27


Since Google has been in the news recently, I think this piece about recent changes to their search formula will be pretty timely.
*maintains a straight face*

On second thoughts, let me add that the article is by BBSpot, ie: it is satire. Why did I rush to ruin the punchline ? Because of a bizarre incident yesterday.

What do you do when someone insists, vehemently so, that PigeonRank is a new technology in search ? No, that person was not joking. It happened to me yesterday. Laugh politely, say "you've been punkd" ? He didn't buy that. He still thinks that Google uses "low cost pigeon clusters" of Columba livia (pigeons, if you don't speak Latin). I shit you not. Could I even begin to make stuff like this up ? Sadly, it couldn't have been an elaborate joke on me. I wish it were, actually.

Can someone living in the Indian subcontinent (yes, this guy lives there, I believe) please hop over and whack him over the head with a gigantic clue stick ? Please. I want that half an hour of my life that I spent trying to convince him returned to me.


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