Wednesday, July 28

irrational fears

After almost an entire day of wading through eye-crossing equations; I'm just about ready to cuss out the people who discovered and pioneered the use of genetic algorithms and neural networks. Unfortunately, my hate-hate affair with neural networks goes back many years, when I took an instant (and mutual!) dislike to the lecturer assigned to teach us the subject.

But oh, well. The review for that particular paper is finally done. Just one more to go and I will comfortably make the extended deadline of Friday. Since I'm somewhat at a loose end, I surfed around and discovered the phobia list.

I am currently suffering from: Arithmophobia or Numerophobia, the fear of numbers. Also from a phobia not on that list, a fear of the term "evolutionary" when seen on print. But I'll recover when the trauma of that last paper recedes.

Some other gems from that list (look 'em up, no I don't have these, fortunately):
Arachibutyrophobia - anyone has this, you must comment. I insist.
Somniphobia - Forge should get himself checked out for this one *grin*
Phengophobia or Heliophobia - most goths and mushrooms suffer from this
Cacophobia - if I had this, I'd faint each time I stood in front of a mirror
Cyberphobia - I'm probably a poster boy for the anti-Cyberphobia campaign.
Decidophobia - I'm not sure about this one. *grin*
Euphobia - proves the saying no news is good news
Counterphobia - the only thing worse than infinite recursion is infinite recursion.

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