Friday, July 30

gothic verses

Endless minutes (nay, seconds) of amusement with the Goth Poem Generator. and it doesn't work on Firefox. But, it's funny, in a "pseudo attempt at darkness, angst and misery" sort of way.

On the whole topic of Goths, I have the good fortune to talk to a couple in the CS department and I thought I'd post some links for the edification of all. For instance, an introduction is found in Wikipedia's Goth entry, and a link that I found informative is ScatheWeb's introduction to Goth. In a nutshell, they dress in black, they (even the males) take great care about their appearance, and they're not into commercialism. That's what I gathered. But no one really knows what Goth means anymore, not even the Goths. So, they're home to all sorts of subcultures including the funny (mostly in a peculiar way) Marilyn Manson among others.

Maybe we have some Gothic types lurking back home (and they just don't know it). Of course, this entry wouldn't be complete without the obligatory Quizilla link, what kind of goth are you?.


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