Friday, August 6

score ?

You've heard about all those boring old fashioned fairy tales. This is the modern day version.

Guy jumps a security barrier with something in his hands
Security guards wrestle him away.
The event ? The Rogers cup tennis tournament, held in Montreal.
The err.. players ? The oft mentioned Maria Sharapova (pictures) and Vera Zvonareva.

Turns out that the 18 year old Russian resident of Montreal just wanted to invite the ladies to dinner. Not one, but both of them. *contemplates* I know both the ladies are Russian, but isn't that just a mite greedy, son ? I mean, come on. Let's not spread ourselves too thin here, mmmkay ?

Of course, after the tragic Seles stabbing incident, any person who invades the player areas is suspect; thus the linejudges (security) ruled him out. The chair umpire didn't overrule the call. So, sadly for him, he didn't get to serve up his invitation.

Aah, now that I've crammed in all those tennis cliches into a single paragraph; and quite possibly scared away all readers of taste ... there is still no word on this guy's score, ladies and gents. Was he (to mix sporting metaphors) hit out of the ballpark ? or did he serve up an ace ? Was it a straight sets victory ? Or was he hoodwinked by a passing shot ? We may never know.


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