Saturday, August 7

random snippets

First, an introduction to the term phishing, or in clearer terms, password harvesting. Take this survey to find out if you can distinguish the legitimate emails from the frauds. I'm paranoid by nature, so I can gloat that I got all of them right *grin*

From phishing to err... never mind. Guys have the RealDoll, now it appears that ladies in Japan have a counterpart. It's marketed as the "Boyfriend Arm Pillow - a snuggly alternative to the real thing". And I thought the realdoll was utterly creepy. Wowsers. Considering the price tag on what is essentially a well dressed pillow, I would think the cliche term one armed bandit still holds true. Coming soon to a store near you, ladies. Singles form a queue over there, please. No pushing, no shoving, one item per customer. (What, you want more than one ?)

And finally, after reading Chilton's entry on Bobby Fischer, the eccentric chess genius, I found this followup. Apparently, he now wishes to defect from the US. All well and good. But it is his opinions on recent (and not so recent) historical events [read the article to find out what I mean] that lead me to note the following:
his (chess)clock is ticking, but he isn't playing with a full set of pieces. How the mighty fall.


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