Monday, August 9

cellphones in pubs

Two separate cellphone "accessories" caught my eye. First up, the PhoneSafe, which attaches your phone snugly to the inside of your forearm. Not exactly unobtrusive, but I think freaking people out by talking to your forearm might be a fun lark to pull. Secondly, and more interestingly for me, The Talking Cellphone Detector, a nifty gadget which detects a cellphone signal and broadcasts a prerecorded warning message (I can think of several candidate messages, mostly abusive *smiles grimly*).

Went out to a swanky London pub tonight, all subdued lighting and members only and pretentious tripe of the sort. And lil me in scruffy jeans and cartoony tshirt.. oh and not to mention hair that looks like it's been attacked by a lunatic hedge cutter with the DTs. In my defence, no one bloody told me it was upclass, but at least the people I was with were dressed about the same, so we all looked like the neighbourhood cats dragged us in or something *grin*. We did cause the rather large thuggy types by the entrance a few headscratching moments, at least... but I digress

Was less than impressed by the beer marked up by 500% over starving-student rates back home (crikey, I just called York home, I need therapy). But the one outstanding feature there was the incessant trilling of cellphones. Did I say outstanding ? I meant in a stub-your-toe or swat-at-mosquitos sort of way. It appears that a swank city job or yuppiness does not necessarily endow people with good judgement on choice of cellphone ringtones. or volume of their voice while on the phone. Ugh. And that's when the bartender type showed us that cellphone jammer gadget I linked to above. Apparently, they're getting it installed real soon and will feature a "cellphone free" area. Is this the start of another smoker-nonsmoker revolution ? Dear lord, I certainly hope so. Unfortunately, it may actually be illegal to jam signals in certain areas, so I don't hold out much hope just yet.


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