Saturday, August 14

bugs and patches

I've just discovered a bug in Gmail. Gimme a cookie. I sent the same message twice (didn't realize that it had been sent once before). Now, the nifty Gmail conversation shows two messages, but when I try to load either one, it gets stuck. Wonder if both messages have the same message ID ? not possible, surely ? Or maybe it's the sheer size of the attachments causing the barfage ? (this is part of the work I backed up, so there is a 3mb attachment, twice over).

In other news, I have a month's worth of Windows patches on queue waiting to be applied. Aargh. and this is automated. so I just need to press enter and reboot when asked. I haven't even started booting the other boxes I admin yet, not looking forward to it.

And on the way back to York, I walked into a MickeyDs (after, oh I dunno, 10 months) and as I suspected, I completely ignored their supposedly healthy salads and stuff and went for the usual fatty, greasy burger order. Remembered when I saw the top 50 fast food chains by sales. I need to keep reminding myself that skinny guys can indeed, get heart attacks. Aah, intimations of mortality. Signs of aging for sure.


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