Saturday, August 14

a new species ?

I am indirectly responsible for the creation of a new species of (sentient?) being. When I got back home yesterday afternoon, I found an alien invasion ongoing in the fridge. The cheese was fighting hard against it, but had succumbed to the invaders.

This meant I was forced to do one of my all too infrequent clean ups. The casualties for the moment are one vacuum cleaner, I think I shorted the darn thing; if the amount of smoke it emitted was any indication. Also hors de combat are several unfortunate window slider thingies which got in the way of my overzealous "open the darn windows at any cost" effort. Of course, it was either open the windows or sneeze myself insensate under the cloud of dust.

The cheese eating species threatened me with a lawsuit for unfair eviction. They may give way under determined scrubbing, but they (it, he, she ?) know enough to play the "I wanna call my lawyer" card.

When I got back yesterday, there was a familiar tightening of the throat, my vision grew blurry and I fumbled for a handkerchief lest others think me a sentimental pansy. Then I sneezed. violently. Teary eyes, rasping throat, sneezes. Hay fever. Yes, I'm back in York all right. I think I prefer pollution to stray pollen.


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