Tuesday, August 17

all birthdays, past and present

Since I was either out of reach of a net connection; or just plain oblivious to it all, let me belatedly wish everyone in the blogosphere who's celebrated their birthday within the past .... *counts on fingers* three weeks (yeah, three weeks should just about cover it).

In no particular order, this includes Loki (body mutilations R us), Sage (I don't have an identity crisis, no,no,no), Reg (I bewail the onset of old age [and my now-smaller biceps]) and Forge (ve vill make no meestake wiz der grammar, ja?). Actually, I'm not sure about Forge, but I assumed that 17th meant the 17th of August, blah, blah. Did I miss anyone out? do tell.

Belated hopping birds to all of ye.


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