Thursday, August 26


It seems that Winamp is vulnerable to an exploit. Ye gods, is nothing sacred to these crackers ? Even worse, it's apparently being actively exploited in the wild. Now, I'm not the type to be alarmist or anything, but I am paranoid, so might I suggest the perfectly viable foobar2000 as an (temporary) alternative. Despite the ridiculous name (ok, so Ogg Vorbis takes the cake in the names-I-wouldn't-repeat-in-public category), it's actually quite a decent media player.

In another alert, I discovered this awesome GMail library a while back. If anyone feels the need to muck around with Gmail using PHP, then just go there. I've been rewriting what is whimsically named gmail2rss using it. I was quite surprised at the number of emails I got asking for an update; which served as a bit of a prod. I'll probably update publicly and release 0.3 tomorrow; waiting to clear a couple of things up with Gan YingHung, the author of libgmail.

And finally, it appears that toothpick advertisments are offensive. Sounds surprising, da ? Well, a sample slogan was "I take it in the mouth". We're talking about toothpicks, remember. St. Petersburg may never look at a toothpick the same way again.


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