Sunday, August 22


There's an airshow this weekend at Elvington and most of the week, I've been hearing a fascinating mixture of both propeller driven and jet engines in the skies overhead. As it turns out, one of the major landmarks for the planes is the farmhouse that borders where I live, so we apparently get the best view without actually going there.

My landlord apparently saw the Red Arrows practising, but this article puts their appearance in some doubt. More interestingly, I'll finally get to see some classic WW2 era planes in flight and that will definitely be blogworthy *grin*. I saw a formation flight of 5 Spitfires and one bomber (Lancaster probably, but I couldn't be sure) rehearsing for D-Day celebrations a while back, but this year apparently has a bomber theme; and will include a privately owned Hawker Hurricane and some German WW2 fighter bombers. I'd also love to see a Mosquito close up, but unfortunately, I doubt any are in service.

This is definitely a good time to refresh my memory on The Rise and Fall of the Luftwaffe. I could hardly believe how the Germans threw away their technical advantage during the Battle of Britain. Until I read the book.


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