Thursday, August 19

a small step for man

The fight to keep the Man down (literally) continues this week in Germany with the news of a new invention. Another news source is here, but it requires the use of BugMeNot. Visit the first link for the picture, it's worth it.

In the light of a recent post elsewhere, I'll be delicate about what this vile device does. It embarasses males into sitting down when they umm... tinkle. It goes without saying that guys should be pissed off about this. I'm serious. How emasculating is this ? Where will it all end ?
*maintains straight face with difficulty*

I think a possible rallying cry against this could be to:
"stand for great justice"

*dang. I snuck in an AYB reference. Talk about reviving an old, hoary chestnut. Next: a badgerbadgerbadger reference, tomorrow the world muahahahaha*


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