Monday, August 23


I'm a lousy patient. For the past week, I've been fighting off a determined attack of tonsilitis. Swallow, wince and walk around the room in agony, swig from a nearby bottle of Coke or something, subside back into bed. Of course, I still have to come into department, which doesn't do my mood any good.

Occasionally, I get into this "why me, goddammit" mood and take it out on the hapless TV remote (and channel surf till my eyes glaze over). Still no cure. Bah. Anyway, with my present mood, it seems that I will make a good eyewitness. Yes, people thinking happy, sunshiny thoughts are more likely to be bad eyewitnesses to something. Folk thinking dull, dark, sullen and depressing thoughts are more likely to have better judgement. There is hope for all the angst junkies out there.


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