Wednesday, August 25

weapon of choice ?

Being both bored and disinclined to work (a dreaded combination for anyone, but particularly so for a graduate student with several deadlines due), I mucked around with Google News a bit and discovered this article. Apparently the venerable M-16 used by the US military has a replacement in testing, called the XM8.

Forgive me for jumping to conclusions (Conclusion is practically my middle name, and my first name is "Usually Wrong") but does it seem like the current stock of military hardware is aging ? The M-16 has been in service since the 1950s or 1960s; and that's far from an isolated case. Take the Blackbird, B-1 and the B-52 for airplanes and perhaps most famously, the AK, which hasn't had a major revision since 1974. Mentioning the Kalashnikov made me recall this article, which bemoans the fact that the AK-47 design is one of the most copied, the world over. Replacements are due for most of them, surely ?

Why this long meandering ramble into weaponry ? *looks embarassed*. Simple. A few friends are going to play CounterStrike source:beta this weekend and I will join them. Ah, the convoluted pathways I take to avoid doing real work.


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