Saturday, August 28

cheek bones

Spent the best part of the evening in a pub supposedly saying goodbye to one of my supervisors' students. Actually spent the whole time listening to one of the resident Goths (female) and this departing student (also female) comparing manly attributes of various moviestars. Thems' the breaks. I got much needed (really!) insight into how one guy supposedly has well defined cheek bones. Which immediately brought several questions to my cider soaked mind. (Oh and apparently, men are commitment phobic. I could have sworn they were trying to bait me. It didn't work)

Cheek bones ? which kind of cheek are they talking about here ? is this some sort of code ? Anyway, because I have eyes that sting and itch like crazy and also seem to have a baleful red-eyed glare; I couldn't even drown my sorrows in extra cider. If revenge is hardwired as the article suggests, I'd have talked about the attributes of female actresses in return, but oh, well.. I can hardly discuss these things with my supervisor present now can I ?

I think I'm going to stay at home this weekend, nurse my poor itchy eyes and eat lots of ginger nuts dipped in tea. And drool mindlessly in front of the TV and generally feel sorry for myself. Yeah. That's what I'll do.


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