Monday, August 30

culinary adventures

It seems that the latest hi-tech gimmick to be introduced to the world of gourmet dining has little to do with fancy ingredients or shiny cooking implements. Instead, Heston Blumenthal offers diners a sound system which enables them to hear themselves eating. I'm not entirely sure about this particular innovation myself, but one of his earlier inventions, bacon and egg ice cream sounded quite interesting. Yes, I said interesting. I'd try it. At least once. But I may swap chocolate sauce for ketchup, if it's all the same to you. On a tangent, does anyone remember the Lucky Luke series of comic books ? The Stagecoach had a recurring theme of everything tasting like bacon and beans; including the ice cream. Case of life imitating art here.

On a related, but more personal note, a fit of boredom (not to be confused with insanity) drove me to experiment with fried eggs and raisins for breakfast yesterday. It actually tasted pretty nice, I will definitely do that again. This, by the way, isn't an original recipe, but something frequently mentioned by Robert Jordan in the Wheel of Time series.

And finally, I got to listen to a few tracks from Palookaville, Fatboy Slim's newest album. Ho-hum. The most hilarious, silliest (and possibly lowest) point of the album was that Slash Dot Slash sounds like a subliminal advertisement for Slashdot. I'm late to the party with this snippet, but when did that ever stop me ? Anyway, he calls it quirky and distinctive. The nicest track out of the lot for me is Don't let the man get you down. But we'll see. I'm not judging till I see the videos.


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