Wednesday, September 1

vividly coloured

Along the pavements of Colombo, hawkers sometimes spread out a mat or table full of vividly (sometimes garishly) coloured bottles of perfume. Well, perfume is what they call it. But these fakes can be harmful, which could be why the UK is attempting a crackdown on pirated products. The cynic in me can't see why pirated DVDs should be classed in the same realm as deadly vodka or skin scorching perfumes, but oh well.

The local gouger of innocent students supermarket is offering highly coloured bottles of some alcopop at a sale. Some of the colours available include a pale, luminous green and the same sort of ultramarine blue that was used to colour kerosene in SL. Err. Pass. Among other reasons to be distrustful, this elcheapo drink reminds me of the contents of those aforementioned perfume bottles. But hey, it's cheap. There are liters and liters of the stuff for very few pence. I can see the appeal. But no thanks.

The doctor says my baleful red-eyed glare is due to some allergy or the other. I've also discovered that having a tune stick in your head is terrible for your concentration. More so if it's an obscure (but catchy) tune from the early 90s. *sigh* Which appears to be unavailable now.


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