Saturday, September 4

to drone or not to drone

Yesterday was the day that taught-course MSc students handed in their reports. Which basically means that they'd finished and had a license to party. Which they duly did. And I dropped in on a couple of parties.

I should have been depressed, and for some parts of the evening, I think I was. These guys seemed to have holidays at various parts of the year but still there they were, actually finishing and I still had more than a month of writing to go. Yeah. That sounds terribly self pitying, but I suppose it's excusable to want to finish. At this point, I'd happily go back to being a mindless corporate drone; even though I hated some parts of the job at the time. The grass truly is greener on the other side of the pasture.

Post again someday after you change jobs and work for a manager who is technically clueless yet insists on micromanaging you anyway, who turns vague estimates into hard deadlines, who insists that you work 60 hrs/week to solve the latest crisis caused by his/her own ill-considered decisions, who believes outside consultants and ignores you, who basically wants you to shut and do as you're told and leave the thinking to the smarter, higher-paid people who get stock options. Then come back and preach the joys of your world.
some guy on Slashdot.

Even worse, it seems that pubs may run dry before I actually hand in. I need to hatch a few contingency plans with my flatmate.


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